Welcome Nayana Trust

 NAYANA Trust is a registered organization formed and promoted by a group youths and likeminded people in the year 2012 with an objective of development of the needy people of Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh , National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi and all India . The organization has been registered under Trust Act having Registration No.4/122/267-296  No.100  dated 11/05/2012.

The core objective of the organization is development of children and women irrespective of caste, colour, religion and sex, create peace and harmony in the state by participating in all ethnic groups in a participatory development approach, build capacity of the local organizations, advocacy on different development issues to promote development in its target area.

This group of likeminded people dedicated them to provide development support to the urban and rural communities through capacity building, empowerment, skill training and organizing other development activities in its target area to ensure people’s participation in the development process.  



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