Our Approach

We believe that our planet needs an urgent paradigm shift, one where everyone must share limited resources, while addressing the issues of acute poverty and unequal growth. In India, this translates into policies that are not only inclusive of poor and marginal communities, but are actively shaped by their opinions and concerns. Nayana Trust, therefore, creates partnerships with such communities to help them understand governance and advocate for change that will usher in greater equity.

Nayana Trust also acknowledges the importance of its robust partnerships with other actors—citizens groups, the media, educational institutions, government agencies, international agencies and concerned individuals—all of whom are key agents of change.

Among the urban poor, Nayana Trust has decided to focus on partnerships with informal-sector waste recyclers. This is because they are marginalized and discriminated against, despite the fact that their work is highly efficient and includes essential green services such as waste collection and recycling; and they are poorly organized. It was clear to us that working with them would have the greatest impact on our mission.

Nayana Trust has registered objectives to work on:-

1.  Urban Areas and Rural Areas Development Sectors.

2.  Educational Development, Literacy , Technical Education, Moral Education Sectors.

3.  Youth Empowerment, Youth Welfare Sports Development, Provide Sports Trainings.

4.  Capacity Building, Training Personality Development, Skill Development, Employment Generation Sectors.

5.  Whole Agriculture Development, Land Development, Crop Development,  Proper Development of Water Resources Sectors.

6.  Traditional Health Techniques & Neo Health Techniques Sectors.

7.  Women Empowerment, Girls & Boys Welfare Sectors.

8.  Non Conventional & Conventional Energy Sources, Science & Technology Sectors.

9.  Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Caste, Primitive Tribe , Minorities, Other Backward Classes Welfare.

10.  Consumer Education & Awareness, Road Safety and Traffic Awareness, Legal Literacy & Awareness, Human Rights, Food & Nutrition Awareness Education.

11.  Migrant Population, Disable, Aged, Widow, Orphan, Labor / Workers Welfare, Handicraft, Artisan, Drama, Regional Art, Puppet, Fine Arts Sectors.

12.  Environment Conservation Environment Development , Animals Protection & Preservation, Medicinal Plants & Other Plants related Sectors.

13.  Micro, Small, Medium Industries, Cottage Industries, Rural Industries Development.

14.  History & Archeological Conservation, Tourism & Culture Conservation & Promotional, Social Awareness, Unity & Undivided Development, Language Development Sectors.

15.  Under Above Objectives related sectors Innovative Work Project, Special Area Development Work Project, Survey Work, Research Work, Study Work, Evaluation & Monitoring Work.

16.  Uplftment of sitting standard for student in primary school.

17.  Street Play , Fine Art , Photographed , Documentary Film , Short Film , Tv Serial  regarding awareness of all fields.


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