Our Initiatives

To work on programmes which supports ecological integrity, economic and social justice, and provides sustainable livelihoods.

•  To initiate Women Empowerment through Livelihood Skills

• To work for human health and environmental sustainability through promotion the programmes and activities for rural development and natural resources management.

• To work for generating awareness and capacity building of community to cope up with drinking water, sanitation and hygiene issues of the region.

• To promote the programmes which facilities the traditional and indigenous pattern of living that respect and honour the earth and its life support system aminely with medicinal plants, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, organic farming, effluent treatment and utilization as fertilizers etc.

• To work for generating awareness and to develop understanding about mitigation measures of global warming and climate change.

• To undertake massive tree plantation program by involving the poorest at the community level for increasing their family and household income and reducing carbon emission in the environment.

• To strengthen the solar power program for the poorest of the poor.

 • To involve marginalized farmer for producing climate resilient agricultural product and climate tolerant variety with the help and support of experts.



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